Sunday School

This mural shows the local children in their Sunday best in the Methodist Chapel’s Sunday School. Many of the children had strong memories of the mural being painted.

Hilda Harrington (nee Biddlecombe) was 7 at the time and is seated on the right with her head turned away from the viewer. She remembered that the artist asked her to sit this way because he wanted to show the back of her “very pretty bonnet”. Hilda’s mother was the Sunday School teacher at the time.

Kathleen Crook was 8 and also remembered the excitement of being painted. She is sitting on the far right in the blue bonnet. Her sister Irene is sitting facing the viewer on the far right of the left hand group.

The fourth boy on the left is Jim Hooper, aged 12, who also lived all his life in Woodgreen apart from 8 years in the Navy. He served all through the war including Scapa Flow, Dunkirk and D-Day, mostly in minesweepers.

80th Anniversary Celebrations, 2013

Members of the Parker, Brewer & Crook families