As discussed at the AGM in 2018, the committee have been working to produce a constitution document for the village hall to replace the present ‘Rules & Regulations’ from 1947. Whilst it is not a legal requirement to become a Charities Incorporated Organization (CIO) we have been advised that it is beneficial in the longer term. When accepted, this will be presented to the Charities Commission for approval and subsequent registration. Following this, changes will come into effect regarding Trustees and committee structure.

Having taken guidance from the Charities Commission and other professional advice, a final draft copy of this document has been produced and is now ready to be seen. Please note and observe the following time scale :

The document can be seen here.

Any comments or requests to discuss the document before the AGM are welcome but must be received by June 30th 2019 at the very latest. If necessary, we will then try to facilitate a public meeting before the AGM to discuss any points raised. As this is a 22 page document, there will be insufficient time to discuss it fully at the AGM. It is hoped that this draft will be accepted at the AGM and be able to be processed.