The Murals

The unique murals which cover the walls of the hall were painted over a period of about eighteen months – 1932-33 – by two students from the Royal College of Art. The project was funded with a grant from the Carnegie Trust. The two artists lived in the village whilst they were painting the murals which depict village life at that time and incorporate the four seasons as their base subject.

The characters in the murals all lived and/or worked in the village and a record exists of everyone involved. Only a very small number are still living.

The artists – Robert Baker and Edward Payne became eminent in the art world. Robert Baker became an Oxford Professor & Edward Payne was the consultant responsible for repairing the stained glass windows at Wells Cathedral.

The importance of the murals means that the hall has a Grade 2 listing (Grade II – buildings of special interest which warrant every effort to preserve them).The management committee work closely with various government departments to monitor the condition of the murals.